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Glee Scoop: Meet the ‘Freshman’ Class! 


Glee has tapped relative newcomers Dean Geyer and Jacob Artist to join the show’s upcoming fourth season, premiering Sept. 13.

Geyer will play Broady Weston, a handsome upperclassman who shows an interest in Rachel at NYADA. Meanwhile, back at McKinley Artist will play Puck’s younger half-brother Jake.

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Glee 3x21 Nationals Sneak Peek

Vocal Adrenaline performs Starships with Unique (alex newell) on lead.

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I really want to know who decided that they would be Snooki and The Situation. I think it was Kurt. Kurt wanted Blaine to have a bit of a tan remember? What better way then to convince him to dress up as The Situation for Halloween?


New clip from Props/Nationals